Discover the Fertility Benefits of Liver and Six Tasty Recipes

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Although liver may conjure up scenes from a horror film, it’s actually delicious and beneficial for fertility. Liver is a super food for increasing sperm production in men.

Liver, an important source of protein

A man should consume at least 60g of protein a day, and with a 100g serving of liver, you’ll get around 20g of protein. Most meats are low in folate, but beef liver is one of the most concentrated sources available, providing 215mcg of folate for an 85g serving.

B-complex vitamins in liver

Liver also contains all the B-complex vitamins in abundance, particularly vitamin B12.

Vitamin A, zinc and CoQ10 in the liver

Liver is one of nature’s most concentrated sources of vitamin A.

Six delicious liver recipes

If you love the taste of liver, here are six recipes that showcase this superfood. If you don’t like liver, rest assured, these recipes allow you to hide it among other tasty ingredients.

  • Homemade poultry liver pâté: Store-bought pâtés often contain saturated fats that are harmful to health and fertility. This recipe uses less cream and more olive oil, which is much better for your health and fertility.
  • Enriched liver bolognese: Mixing chopped or grated liver into a bolognese sauce can fool the taste buds. This variation on the Italian classic is also rich in antioxidant-rich vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Opt for wholegrain pasta for an even healthier dish.
  • Winter salad with liver and beet: Beetroot is also excellent for fertility, thanks to its vitamin content. This quick dish is ready in under 15 minutes, ideal for a quick, healthy weekday lunch.
  • Veal (or pork) liver polpettes: Once the liver is mixed with the ground meat, you can’t even feel it. You can use lean beef if you prefer.
  • Spicy liver spread with capers and olives: In addition to liver, this recipe contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like capers and olives, which help reduce oxidative stress. Served on toast, it’s ideal for brunch or a comforting meal after a busy week.

Tame the taste of liver

Even if you don’t like the taste of liver, these recipes make it easy to incorporate it into your diet without compromising its flavor. While liver has a pronounced flavor that may put some people off, it’s also possible to soften its taste using clever culinary techniques. In conclusion, incorporating liver into your diet is an excellent way to improve your fertility thanks to its richness in protein, vitamins and essential minerals. So don’t delay, and try one of these delicious recipes to enjoy all the benefits this superfood has to offer!

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