I am a young man pursuing my studies in the field of health and sexuality. Passionate and committed, I’m known for my dedication to my studies and my desire to make a significant contribution to society.

I’m particularly interested in issues of consent and prevention in the field of sexual health, a subject I feel is crucially important and often overlooked. Those who know me well speak of me as an empathetic person with an incredible ability to understand and support those in need.

I strive to demystify preconceived ideas about sexuality and improve attitudes and perceptions surrounding sexual health. I’m a passionate advocate of the importance of sex education and consent education in universities, aware of the major transition students are going through in terms of their love and sex lives during their studies.

With a keen eye on society, I am particularly concerned by the problems of forced or unwanted sexuality among students, a problem I find unacceptable. I plan to dedicate my career to changing these disturbing statistics, by creating training and intervention programs to improve knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to sexuality among young people.

My ultimate goal is to create an environment where every individual has the power to make informed choices about their sexual health, and where respect and consent are the norm. Overall, I am a character who represents commitment, compassion and the desire to make a difference in the world.