The 10 best sexual positions to avoid pain

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Sexual relations are a moment of sharing and pleasure between two people, but they can sometimes be a source of pain. To make sure you continue to enjoy these intimate moments without suffering, discover our selection of 10 sexual positions to choose when you’re in pain.

The spoon

This gentle, comfortable position is ideal for those suffering from back or pelvic pain. Lying on your sides, one behind the other, you can embrace each other and move to the rhythm of your desires.


  • Promotes relaxation
  • Suitable for back and pelvic pain
  • Requires little physical effort

The modified missionary

The classic missionary may cause pain for some people, particularly if penetration is too deep. The modified missionary allows you to control depth while maintaining close contact between partners.

How to perform it:

  1. Lie on your back, legs slightly apart
  2. Your partner positions himself above you, leaning on his outstretched arms.
  3. Bend your knees slightly to adjust the depth of penetration.

Modified doggy style

Doggy style is a popular position for many, but it can also cause pain if it’s not adapted. By slightly modifying this position, you can enjoy its benefits without feeling any discomfort.

How to do it :

  1. Get down on all fours on the bed or another comfortable surface.
  2. Your partner stands or kneels behind you.
  3. Lean forward and rest your torso on your forearms to relieve pressure on your back.

Reverse Andromache

This variant of the Andromache allows you to control penetration while avoiding the pain associated with too great a depth. The woman sits on top of the man, who has his legs extended, and guides the movements.


  • Depth control
  • Suitable for cervical pain sufferers
  • Promotes clitoral pleasure

The Lotus

In this position, one partner sits cross-legged while the other sits on his thighs, facing him. This way, you can maintain close contact while moving slowly, to avoid pain.


  • Suitable for people with back pain
  • Promotes intimacy and communication
  • Shallow penetration and gentle movements

The rocking chair

In this position, the reclining partner lifts his or her legs, bending them at the knees. His partner comes to sit on him, with his back turned, and performs gentle back-and-forth movements using his legs.


  • Relieves back pain
  • Controls depth of penetration
  • clitoral stimulation possible with partner’s hand while lying down

The cat union position

Standing face to face, the partners intertwine their legs and lean slightly forward. Movements here are limited and can be performed without causing pain.


  • Little physical effort
  • Limited, controlled movements
  • Suitable for people with lower-back pain

The modified squat position

Lying on your back, your partner lifts one bent leg outwards, while the other sits between his or her legs. This position allows for shallow penetration and controlled movements.


  • Suitable for people with pelvic pain
  • Promotes relaxation and comfort
  • Shallow penetration and gentle movements

Starfish position

Lying on her stomach with her legs slightly apart, the woman receives penetration from her partner, who is above her. This position limits abrupt movements and is gentle on the back.


  • Suitable for back-pain sufferers
  • Limited, controlled movements
  • Low physical effort for both partners

The chaise longue

In this position, one partner lies on his or her back with legs slightly elevated by a cushion or pillow, while the other sits on top, with back turned. Movements here are gentle and controlled.


  • Relieves lower back and pelvic pain
  • Controls depth and speed of penetration
  • Promotes comfort and relaxation

So, by adapting your choice of sexual positions, you can continue to share intimate moments with your partner without suffering pain. Don’t hesitate to communicate and experiment to find the best solutions for both of you.

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