In this article, you’ll discover 5 positions that will enable you to achieve a fulfilling sexuality rich in sensations. These positions are exciting, varied and suitable for all types of couples. So don’t hesitate to try them out to spice up your lovemaking.

1. The missionary position: a timeless classic

The missionary position is certainly the best-known and most widely practiced. One partner lies on his or her back, legs slightly apart, while the other lies on top, legs on either side of his or her partner’s body. This position offers great closeness and tenderness between the two partners.

Variation: with legs raised

To enhance the sensations and vary the pleasures, you can raise the legs of the person lying on your back. This allows deeper penetration and different stimulation of the G-spot or prostate. Don’t hesitate to use a cushion to support the legs if necessary.

2. Doggy-style: an intense, animal position

The doggy-style position is also highly appreciated for its spontaneity and intensity. It involves one partner on all fours, while the other stands or kneels behind him/her. This position enables deep penetration and gives both partners great freedom of movement.

Variation: lying doggy-style

If you’d like to make this position more comfortable and relaxing, you can practice it lying down. The person underneath lies on their stomach, legs slightly apart, while the person above rests on their forearms and lies on top of their partner. This variation is ideal for sharing a gentle, intimate moment.

3. The 69: an indulgent, reciprocal position

The 69 is undoubtedly the best position for stimulating partners simultaneously and reciprocally. Each partner places his or her mouth on the other’s genitals, forming a figure “69”. This position can be practiced lying down or standing up, depending on the preferences and comfort of both partners.

Variation: the inverted 69

To add a touch of originality and surprise to this position, why not try the reverse 69? In this variant, the partners face each other, but with their heads level with each other’s feet. This varies the sensations and stimulates the erogenous zones differently.

4. The spoon: a tender, enveloping position

The spooning position is ideal for sharing a moment of complicity and tenderness with your partner. The two people lie on their sides, one behind the other, forming a kind of “spoon”. The person behind can then embrace their partner and caress them gently.

Variation: the standing spoon

To add a touch of spontaneity and intensity to this position, you can also practice it standing up. In this version, the person behind stands, while the person in front leans slightly forward and leans against a piece of furniture or wall. This variant offers deeper penetration and different stimulation of the G-spot or prostate.

5. Andromache: a dominant, active position

The andromache is a position that enhances the person above, giving him or her great freedom of movement and a dominant position. One partner lies on his or her back, while the other sits on top, facing him or her. Legs can be bent or spread, depending on personal preference.

Variation: reverse andromache

To vary the pleasures and stimulate the erogenous zones differently, you can practice this position with your back to your partner. In this variant, the person on top sits on their partner, but with their back to them. This provides an exciting view and stimulates the prostate or G-spot in a different way.

So there you have it: 5 positions for a fulfilling and diversified sexuality. Feel free to try them out, adapt them and combine them to create your own naughty scenarios. The main thing is to have fun and share moments of intense pleasure with your partner.

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