A reality affecting many couples

In industrialized countries, the rate of couples experiencing fertility problems has remained stable for several decades. However, the number of couples seeking medical assistance for this problem has increased. As one third of cases are female infertility and another third male infertility, it is important for both partners to consult a fertility specialist if they are having difficulty conceiving.

When should you consult a fertility specialist?

In general, if a woman under 35 has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year, or if a woman over 35 is unable to conceive after six months of trying, she should consult a fertility specialist. When a couple experiences difficulty conceiving for more than three years without treatment, the chances of spontaneous conception are 0% to 3% per month, depending on the causes of infertility.

Unexplained infertility: a persistent mystery

In around 5% to 10% of cases, the exact reasons for infertility remain unknown. However, it is likely that unknown etiological factors are involved in these situations ofunexplained infertility.

Common causes of infertility and medical management

Your fertility doctor can treat a variety of conditions that may affect your ability to conceive, including:

Male infertility: common causes

Male infertility is often due to problems such as erectile dysfunction, insufficient sperm count or poor sperm motility.

Personalized care for every couple

When you’re ready to discuss your fertility issues with a professional, our dedicated team of specialists will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan. This plan willoptimize your chances of success in realizing your dream of starting a family. Here are some treatment options that could be part of your journey:

Emotional support: a key aspect of the process

It’s important to emphasize that infertility care isn’t just about medical care. It also involves providing emotional and psychological support tailored to your needs. The road to parenthood can be fraught with difficulties, but our multidisciplinary team is here to support you every step of the way.

Conclusion: dare to dream of a family despite infertility

Infertility affects many couples, and the reasons can be many and sometimes unexplained. However, thanks to advances in medical science, many treatment options are now available, making it possible to envisage successful parenthood. Don’t hesitate to consult a fertility specialist if you’re having difficulty conceiving, as you’ll be offered optimum care and personalized support to help you realize your dream of starting a family.

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