Long misunderstood, prostate orgasm is now increasingly popular with men wishing to discover new erotic sensations. Indeed, stimulation of the prostate can produce deep, intense orgasms, quite different from what is usually experienced during classic ejaculation. In this article, we’ll explain how to stimulate the prostate to achieve this ultimate state of pleasure.

Understanding the prostate and its role in sexual pleasure

The prostate is a gland located a few centimetres inside the rectum in men. Its main function is to produce part of the seminal fluid that nourishes sperm and facilitates their mobility. But that’s not all: the prostate also has numerous nerve endings, making it particularly sensitive to stimulation and caress. When properly stimulated, this gland can generate very powerful orgasms, known as “prostatic orgasms”.

Different methods of stimulating the prostate

There are many ways to stimulate the prostate and trigger a prostatic orgasm. Here we present four main techniques:

Finding the right rhythm and intensity

For prostate stimulation to be pleasant and effective, it’s essential to follow certain rules:

The benefits of prostate orgasm

In addition to the intense pleasure it brings, prostate orgasm has a number of physical and mental health benefits:

In short, prostate orgasm is a source of pleasure that is still too little known. Through various techniques, such as rectal touching, external stimulation, the use of sex toys or Kegel exercises, it’s possible to achieve this singular state of enjoyment. So why not try this unique erotic experience?

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